Drawing WonderWoman
Colored Pencils Graphite Traditional

Drawing the WonderWoman

Drawing the WonderWoman After double graphite/colored pencil Aquaman, I thought I would do a similar drawing of Gal Gadot/WonderWoman. Unlike Aquaman, however, I had a lot of trouble with badass WonderWoman! (Well, I should have expected it, she’s … WonderWoman …

Drawing Aquaman
Colored Pencils Traditional

Drawing Aquaman

Drawing Aquaman Drawing Jason Momoa as Aquaman today. As I mentioned before, I was the biggest cinema nerd before having my two babies. So it was not easy having my friends ranting about how great “Aquaman” was, still they can’t …

Bevel and Emboss Effects

Bevel and Emboss Effects with Procreate

Bevel and Emboss Effects with Procreate As a designer who works exclusively on an iPad Pro, I use Procreate app about 95% of the time. Naturally, some photoshop/illustrator features are missing. However, they did such an awesome job with the …

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