Catching Fire - Procreate Painting Demo
Brushes Digital painting Procreate

Catching Fire

Catching Fire – Procreate Painting Demo   Catching Fire. Heavily referenced by Katniss, however she is not supposed to look like her. Anyways, this post is all about using and manipulating fire in a digital painting. Painting was done on …

Love - Magic Ambigram

Ambigrams vol2

Ambigrams Vol.2 Welcome to Ambigrams Vol.2! As I already stated I am currently loving making ambigrams. So much that I originally I planned to make one design per day, for the whole year. And although I haven’t failed yet, strictly speaking, …

Normal is an illusion


Ambigrams Earlier this year I took interest in designing tattoos. Naturally I came across typography, calligraphy, and recently ambigrams. What is an ambigram? An ambigram is basically a word or phrase that when you flip it over, it reads the …


The end of an era?

The end of an era And the beginning of a new. I am referring to “Pencil Drawing Adventures” of course. As you might have noticed, I rebranded my site and social media recently. “Joanna Vu Pencil Art” had become “JoannaVu …

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